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Founded in 1998 and headquarted in Sophia-Antipolis Technology Park, Valbonn, France, Centile Telecom Applications quickly became the front-runner in the development of Cloud PBX and Unified Communications platforms for operators and integrators, targeting the enterprise market. As of Januaryb 2021, Centile has been rebranded as Enreach

Orlando-based U.S. company Epygi have been serving the needs of both small and large enterprise businesses since 2002. Epygi designs, manufactures, and delivers IP PBX and IP Gateway products as well as other cloud-based products. Whether it’s a small office telecoms setup or a complex call centre, Egygi delivers solutions that are reliable, secure and easy to install.

Telephone management systems (tms)

In simple terms, a TMS (or Telephone Management System) is software or a web-based application service that integrates into an existing telephone system (or PBX that controls your business’s landlines, mobile (cell) phones and data cards). A TMS enables detailed calling expenditure reporting and control, so you can monitor and track or plan/forecast your organisation’s telephone or voice call usage. Click below to view our TMS systems we use and install.