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An Epygi Solution

For over 18 years Epygi has been designing, manufacturing, and delivering IP PBX and IP Gateway appliances. We serve customers ranging from small businesses to enterprise companies, each of which benefits from Epygi’s excellent value and service. In addition to the appliance, we have cloud-based products with the latest feature sets. Above all else we value service, we can, therefore, provide you with a solution tailored to your specific needs.

epygi products

Epygi ecqx cloud pbx

Epygi QX ip gateways

Epygi ip pbx qx3000

Epygi qx500 ip pbx

Epygi video session recording ecqx and mobility

Epygi ip pbx uc80

Epygi ip pbx uc20

Epygi IOS Client

Epygi iQall Mobile Client

Epygi School Security Solutions

Epygi Hospitality and Hotels Communications

Epygi PBX Surveillance Solutions