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Epygi IP PBX QX3000

The Epygi IP PBX QX3000 is our enterprise model and comes with 200 extensions, over 500 external simultaneous calls and a large capacity of call recording, audio conference and call center sessions. The QX3000 is a server based system and is suitable for schools, call centers or large enterprises.

All QX systems offer peer to peer connectivity for multisite installations and can be combined with cloud based ecQX systems. Our robust call center suite of products (EAC, ACD, AOC, Barge In and Call Recording) gives the necessary functionality to the dedicated call center services or mini call center on the enterprise.

Features and Benefits

  • 200 IP Phones
  • 2,800 Additional IP Phones with keys
  • 3,00 Total IP Phones
  • 500 Concurrent calls
  • 1 Ethernet LAN port
  • 1 Ethernet backup
  • Interconnection with QX Gateways (Recommended Number (max):
  • QXFXO4 (32)
  • QXE1T1 (16, E1 mode), (20, T1 mode)
  • QXFXS24 (100)
  • QXISDN4 (32)